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Top cat blogs from around the globe

There's no doubt cats rule the internet, arguably even made for them!

“Cat” is one of the most searched for terms on the Internet, and YouTube videos starring felines account for more than 26 billion views, making them the single most popular category on the site. Google ''cat videos'' and you'll get 161 million hits with 85 million on YouTube alone!

It's even been known that some websites use the phrase 'cat' simply to get more clicks - even though the site has nothing to do with cats at all, or even animals in general!

When it comes to blogs/cat websites there are millions to choose from. From general news articles to cat health, even sites dedicated to the rehoming process. Whatever you want to clue yourself up about, or generally just learn or view felines from across the globe - the internet has the blog just for you. Everything from blogs teaching us how best to care for our cats needs, informing us of the best products to use and those to avoid, to generally championing cats rights in general and giving them a platform to be heard.

Someone out there has to trawl the web to find the very best sites for people to browse cat related issues/news. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it of course ;-) Those with one of the best jobs in the world are Feedspot panellists who search and determine the worlds top 200 cat blogs on the internet.

With such a range of fantastic, informative and funny cats blogs out there, imagine our glee when we were put at a healthy 91st on the list!

As an awareness campaign, our goal is to write blogs featuring real issues facing real cats today. All our blogs are factual based on the true experiences of cats and their owners. Some have a happy ending but sadly others don't. The reason we wanted to include a blog on our site was to help get out there the true scale of whats happening, and point out how it affects the lives of cats and those that love them.

With what we do, most official work and news features are based on statistical evidence and speaking on the situation as a whole, yet we refuse to let personal accounts go unheard and, for the statistical evidence to be effective in talks, we must keep that in line with real experience. We can argue official statistics state 230,000 cats are hit by cars every year, but that has much less impact on people than sharing just 1 of those 230,000 cats stories in a blog.

We want people to see the damage that is done when they drive off leaving a cat to suffer roadside. We want people to hear about William in a cage in the vets back room fighting for his life hooked up to machines and tubes. We want people to hear about Narla who lay for hours in the rain with a broken back. We want people to know Max was found by his owners with only half a head yet still alive. We want people to hear about Garfield found with gangrenous injuries close to death or Daisy who was chucked on a landfill site by the local council. We want people to know exactly what it means to hit a cat and drive off leaving them there in pain, alone and scared roadside. Only then will people connect and see them as living beings who deserve better and think twice about fleeing the scene because they will realise it is never just a cat!

This is what our blog enables us to do, bring each cats experience down to a level people can relate and sympathise with, we can save the facts and figures for the government officials.

Thank you to Feedspot for recognising us as one of the best cat blogs on the planet. We are honoured to be a part of it and are grateful cats are being given that voice. Every cat matters, every cats voice and experience should be heard!

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