Animal Star Award Winners 2018

Apart from aiming to directly challenge legislation (or the lack of) for our cats on the roads, we strive to raise awareness. The more people who are educated in what to do should they find/hit a cat on the roads, the more lives will be saved.

When we were nominated at the Animal Star Awards for the Education Award, we were over the moon that people appreciated what we did enough to nominate us. When an independent panel of judges chosen CatsMatter to be finalists, amongst 4 other wonderful and worthy charities, we were bowled over. We felt like we had achieved one of our main charity goals of helping educate people so our cats stand a much better chance.

Up against such wonderful charities, we never expected to win so we were blown away to find out we had won the Animal Education Highly Commended award <3

Thank you to everyone who nominated us, and a huge well done to our fellow finalists, our friends at PDSA, Innovet, Pet First Aid and, of course, winners Canine Generated Independence who provide training for disabled people and their assistance dogs. Such an amazing bunch of charities who all deserved to be recognised for what they do.

What's more, we have also been chosen to be an Animal Star Awards supporting charity, and look forward to future awards ceremonies and

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