CatsMatter to Join Forces with PDSA

CatsMatter have now officially teamed up with the wonderful team at PDSA, who are thrilled to help raise awareness of this campaign. PDSA have agreed to share CatsMatter campaign materials on their own media outlets, helping us reach an even larger audience. In addition, we have ambitious plans to work closely with PDSA on creating a series of awareness videos targeted at educating drivers on both how to avoid hitting a cat and what to do if you do hit one while driving. So if you start to see these videos playing in your local PDSA hospital or practice very soon, don’t be surprised.

Furthermore, PDSA also has plans to incorporate the theme behind CatsMatter into their local talks in schools with the ultimate goal of reaching the next generation of drivers and instilling in them the importance of animal welfare overall.

PDSA will also be assisting CatsMatter in oour efforts with local councils, driving schools, and other relevant bodies and organisations to ensure that this message becomes second nature to drivers across the UK – Cats DO matter.

We are both honoured and humbled by PDSA’s confidence in this campaign and are very excited to be working with such an admirable team on this very important issue.

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