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Your Microchip Stories....

Our work on the microchipping call for evidence is well underway. Throughout November we had been working with numerous other charities, campaign groups, vets, local councils and the microchip companies themselves. We've all been brainstorming together and the final shape of the proposals which will be put to DEFRA are beginning to take shape. Excitingly, all involved are on the same page and working together to submit proposals both supporting each other and providing evidence based on their focus areas. However, all the facts, figures and costings are great, but there is 1 very important thing missing.....genuine real life accounts! We wanted to send some of your real life accounts along with our evidence and encouraged you to get involved. Many of you shared your experiences of times you had been notified someone had collected your cat. Rather than just produce this to DEFRA, we wanted to share the accounts people had sent as they send a powerful message. These stories are all the proof you need to know microchips really do work!

Quincy Quincy went missing prior to his owner’s death in 2008. In August 2019, Cats protection picked Quincy up after he had been living as a stray on the streets for 13 years. Although his owner had passed away 12 years earlier, through his microchip his owners’ daughter was able to be traced. He is now back home with family safe and warm in his older years.

Storm Storm was stolen in 2015. 16 months later she was found, and her microchip reunited her to her owner.


The Barnes family were on holiday and got a phone call from a vet to say someone had taken Jet into their surgery. The family cat sitter hadn't told them he was missing but had been searching for him for a couple of days. Luckily, Jet was found by a kind lady who saw he couldn't walk properly so she took him to her vets. The vet believed he had been in a cat fight and had been bitten on his paw. The cat sitter was so relieved he had been found. Without the microchip they wouldn't have known who he belonged to. It took a few months for his foot to heal, and X rays at the vets showed how badly it was infected. He is fine now.

Max Max was just 8 months old when the family got the terrible call that he had died in an RTA. Thankfully, someone took him to the vet, and they scanned his microchip and informed the family. Without the chip, the Nicol family would never had known or had closure.

Carl Carl had been missing for a few days. A passer-by spotted him in the road and took him to a local vet to see if he had a microchip. Luckily, he was microchipped and his owner notified. Although understandably upset, the owner thanked the lady who found him for allowing them closure.


Twice Poppy travelled half a mile. The lady she travelled to took her to a vets where her chip revealed who the owner was. The owner and finder swapped phone numbers…in case she decides to pay the lady a visit again in future. Had it not been for her microchip, Poppy may have been deemed a stray.

Nemo Nemo was the little ginger kitten the Thompson family had always wanted, and he was a character when he came. One day he was fatally involved in a RTA. The family were only made aware as a result of his microchipped being scanned.