CatsMatter Teams Up with ProtectAPet

Outdoor cats can have a wonderful life of freedom; patrolling their territories and behaving like cats in the wild. Sadly, cats are also at risk of being injured or killed in accidents on busy roads. Every 2 and a half minutes in the UK, one of our cats, will be involved in a collision on our roads. We are challenging the Government, and demanding laws are changed, but when laws are changed though our hope is to ultimately reduce the number of road deaths, this we also understand that this will not necessarily be the end of cats being ran over on our roads. It will mean that drivers won't legally be allowed to abandon the scene, leaving the cat in unimaginable pain - or worse, it will enable cats to get the much needed life saving emergency treatment as soon as possible so as to hopefully save lives. It may go some way to preventing some collisions, but sadly not all.

Having an outdoor cat means they can live life to the fullest. However, none of us should turn a blind eye to the dangers free-roaming felines face. Owners are at liberty to make the judgement if to have in or outdoor cats, and they must come to that decision based on numerous factors, such as location, temperament, your life style etc. All of which should have the cats well-being, and best interests at heart. Yet, even the most wise of decisions can, at the flick of a whisker, take a turn for the worst.

There's so many different things to consider, and it really isn't as easy as saying they all should be indoor or all outdoor cats, every cats situation is different. Some might live in a flat or on a major road, yet others live on farms or very quiet villages. Some cats come from the streets initially, or some owners may work long shifts either leaving them out all day, or not allowing them out at all. There are just so many considerations to working out what's best suited to yours, and your cats, personal situation. That's not to say any wise decision is fool proof of course, it only takes that 1 time...

Keeping your cat indoors will keep them safe from cars but there are potential welfare issues to indoor living. Owners of house cats need to provide plenty of environmental enrichment – giving their cats scratching and climbing posts plus toys that let them behave naturally by climbing, hiding, pouncing and hunting. Indoor cats also need grass which aids their digestive process by inducing regurgitation of undigested matter.

Whether your an indoor cat person, or an outdoor cat person, we are sure there is one thing everyone can agree on - we all want our cats to live the most full, and enriched life possible. We want to see them lay on the grass enjoying the sun. We want to see them do that special chattering when a bird is going about it's business sat on next doors shed roof. We want to cherish those moments when snow falls, and our cats are curious looking at us as if asking 'is it the end of the world?'. And we certainly want to rush to get the camera when they chase the autumn leaves blowing in the wind all excited.

But what we also all agree with is we want our cats to be able to do all this in safety. We don't want the heartache of calling our cats name down the street long after they usually come home for their tea. We want our babies to pass in our arms of old age - very old age, warm and safe at home with family, knowing you gave them the best life possible, and they enjoyed their time with us.

Sadly, nothing good in life comes without some kind of risk. Sometimes it's impossible to work out if it's worth it or not, and sadly many of us learn that lesson when it's to late.

That's why we all like those handy 'best of both worlds' situations.....

CatsMatter has teamed up with the wonderful team at ProtectaPet who are internationally acclaimed designers in pet safe territories, optimised for the most agile breeds of cats. Their success is based on a commitment to innovation inspired by the experience of pet owners, high specification UK engineering and outstanding customer service. They have also been voted ''Cat Product I Can't Live Without'' three years running by readers of the wonderful 'Your Cat' Magazine. The award winning cat containment systems provide the enrichment and fun our cats crave, and the peace of mind that most of us have been longing for.

Everyone has a different set up, and idea of what will work best for them, and their cats. ProtectaPet can transform any garden to whatever style you had in mind. They have balconies, enclosures, fencing, you name it. Not forgetting those who rent of course, and may not have permission to construct such on the property, they also have free standing enclosures which would be useful for renters.

There is also another invaluable resource ProtectaPet offers it's customers - finance! In todays climate, not all of us have the luxury of saying 'I'll have that' - and it turn up the following week, but with finance being offered it means you can pay in small monthly instalments for your peace of mind. Check that feature out here.

With RTAs, and Catios being so closely linked in todays society, both CatsMatter and ProtectaPet understand, and support each others work, and aims. Our friends at ProtectaPet have kindly offered a discount for CatsMatter supporters, understanding that many will of course be all to familiar with the issue of cats being hit on the road, and strive to do all they can to not let it happen again. Wanting the same as we do, that cats are not hit or left in pain by the roadside, they will be making contributions to the CatsMatter campaign in support of us raising awareness, and continuing to do what we do.

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