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The Law is Changing!

It's official!! The Government have published their response to the compulsory microchipping of cats call for evidence and consultation, which had over 33,000 responses and a 99% approval rate. After 3 long years, we did it! The law will be changing in 2022! 😻

All cats over the age of 20 weeks, unless there is an animal health or welfare reason certified by a vet, will have to be microchipped by law. Failure to act on a enforcement notice requiring the person served with the notice to microchip their cat within 21 days, will be a criminal offence and persons subject to a fine of £500. You can read the full Government response here.

DEFRA have also publically committed to continue to work with us on the issue of councils scanning/handling our cats. This is not as straight forward as has sometimes been presented, and DEFRA have worked with us throughout on ways to improve the system from the many different angels in which it has failed. This work will continue. To find out more about exactly how complex this issue is, see here.

In 2022 we also look forward to meeting with Ministers to discus the second part of the Cats Bill, reportable road accidents involving cats.

We thank everyone involved in making this happen! It's been such a journey since 2018 when the ball began rolling for the compulsory microchipping of cats, but one we know is only just beginning!


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