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Sally was born on the 17th December 2019, she was instantly a heart stealer, with her badger like face. Sally was brought home to two Tom Cats, Rudy and Albus. She instantly stole the show and the boys fought for her attention. But she was much more occupied with humans. Sally groomed everyone, she just loved to lick people’s faces, hands, hair – she was like a puppy. It was always assumed that she’d grow out of this, but she never did, it was her trait. When Sally was 6 months old, a new kitten joined the clan; Charlie. Sally didn’t take well to not being the centre of attention, and for the first couple of weeks hissed and growled at Charlie. Over time, she allowed him to share her space, ensuring that he knew she was queen. Charlie avoided her at all costs but settled in just fine with Rudy and Albus. In November, just before Sally’s first birthday, two more kittens were brought home – the family just couldn’t resist, Myra and Ted. At first, Sally again was intolerant of the newbies, but over time began mothering them nicely. Still, she fought Charlie on a regular basis, and he started to give as good as he got. It was well known by family and friends that Charlie and Sally did not get along! Sally loved her human dad Declan more than anything, she pranced around him like she owned him and pushed human mum Chloe out of the way all the time. Sally loved the outdoors, she used to play outside with all the neighbourhood cats; coming back covered in mud at silly hours of the night.

On Tuesday 30th March, after moving house a few days prior, Sally wriggled her way out of a window and went missing for 5 days. Chloe and Declan thought the worst, but lo and behold, she returned on Saturday the 3rd April, sat by the back door meowing very loudly to be let in! They were so relieved, she barely moved from Declan’s side for days, and ate more than she ever had! Around a week later, they decided to let the cats outside and explore, monitoring them closely. Everyone was very well behaved and didn’t go much further than the garden, except Sally of course. She was in all of the neighbours gardens, across the road in builders yards and anywhere she could get. She always came back for her dinner though.

On Sunday the 18th April, Declan and Chloe were in the garden playing with the cats, all of which were messing in the plant pots, except Sally (of course!). It was around 11am and the neighbour shouted Chloe in a very distressed tone. The neighbour shouted to come out the front because a cat was in the road. Declan told Chloe to stay inside and went out, where he found Sally laying in the road. She sadly wasn’t alive. The neighbours informed the family that Sally had been hit by a car and the driver failed to stop. Declan wrapped Sally in a blanket and brought her into the house, where he sat for the next couple of hours. Eventually, a decision had to be made to put Sally to rest the way she deserved.

Sally was taken to the pet crematorium to have prints taken of her paws and have some fur taken before being cremated. Her ashes now sit in a beautiful oak box with her name and 5 hearts engraved, one for Rudy, one for Albus, one for Charlie, one for Ted, and one for Myra. Her fur has been put into lockets, to keep safe and her paw prints are framed with her polka dot collar on the shelf. Sally touched the hearts of everyone in her life and will be missed by so many people (except maybe Charlie, but even so, who will he fight now?).

Sally was gentle, loving, playful and so full of life at just 16 months old. The family want to say to the driver who took her away, you should’ve stopped. You should’ve checked. She could’ve survived. She didn’t deserve to be left as if she was disposable. So many hearts are broken and will miss her forever. You didn’t just take a cats life, you took a member of a family, where there will now forever be a part missing.

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