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Protections For Cats On Roads Is Closer Than Ever...But They Need Your Help!

During this time of political turmoil, ourselves and petitioner Olivia have continued to fight for cats rights on the roads, and we have some great news....

As you all know by now, the law is soon to change to require all cats to be microchipped by law. Why is this so important? Because our earlier meetings with DEFRA following the successful Cats Bill resulted in them deciding that, for future reportable road accident laws to be successful, cats would first need to be identifiable once reported. The issue of road accidents was to be discussed further following the implementation of compulsory microchipping. Regardless of the political turmoil over the last few months, our new PM Rishi Sunak has pledged to get on with the manifesto they were elected on in 2019, so we hope for stability soon and them to get on with the job and implement compulsory microchipping.

In terms of reportable road accidents, we have two lots of good news. Firstly, Olivia's hugely successful petition has finally been scheduled for a debate - and this is where your help is very much needed! Following the tragic loss of D’Artagnan, Olivia set the petition up, which is now scheduled for debate will be held on Monday 28 November at 4.30pm. Many of you will have signed the petition, which ourselves and Olivia thank you again very much for, so you will have received the email from the petitions committee asking you to get involved and share your views. Martyn Day MP, a member of the Petitions Committee, has been asked to open the debate. To inform the debate, he would like to hear your views on this issue, including your experiences if you have lost a cat in a road traffic accident. He'd like to know whether the proposed changes could have lessened the impact of losing your cat. If you did not sign the petition, or failed to receive the email, you can still complete the survey HERE.

Ourselves and Olivia are also kindly asking that people opt to contact their MP to ask them to support, and possibly get directly involved in the debate. MPs can attend the debate if they wish, and the more that support/attend this debate, the louder our voices become speaking up for cats. You are welcome to contact your MP in your own words, or a template has been created for you to simply copy, paste and send. You can find and contact your local MP on the button below. A template is all included below, or you can access it in pdf. format HERE featured on our download section on the website.

In advance, thank you to all who will be getting involved in this and speaking up for cats.

Dear *insert name of MP*

I would like to draw your attention to a debate that is taking place in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm on the 28th November, to discuss a petition to make it a requirement for drivers to report road traffic collisions with cats.

This is a cause close to my heart, and the petition raised over 102,000 signatures from other cat owners and animal lovers across the country before it closed in August this year. I believe it is a fundamental animal welfare issue, as many vets agree that in such instances where animal is struck and simply left on the roadside, there is little chance of survival. It also touches on mental health issues, as the devastation and distress experienced by cat owners when this happens to a beloved pet is lasting and profound.

In addition, it is my understanding that the compulsory microchipping of cats is due to come into effect in the coming months. The next logical step surely is to amend the Road Traffic Act accordingly, as cat owners by law will be registered and contactable in the event of a collision.

If you are able, I urge you to please, please attend the debate and support this cause. It is high time that a change was made here and I do hope that you agree.

Many thanks for your time

Reportable Road Accidents Involving Cats To Be In The Next Labour Manifesto

Some of you may remember us getting reportable road accidents involving cats as a manifesto commitment back in 2018. While the Conservatives opted for compulsory microchipping to begin with, Labour committed to finally making the fleeing of a road accident involving a cat a criminal offence. We enjoyed such unwavering support from the then Shadow Secretary of State for DEFRA, the lovely Sue Hayman (pictured), and had a productive meeting earlier this month with her once again. We were invited to the House of Lords to discuss reportable road accidents again becoming a manifesto commitment. The manifesto's for the next election are already being worked on and we are absolutely thrilled to say that Labour are again choosing to see this through and commit firmly to a change in the law should they become the next Government. Reportable road accidents has already been written in and it is now just waiting to be signed off by the party leader, Kier Starmer. We are told he is supportive of this issue, and no objections are expected to arise. However, until signed off, we remain nervously awaiting it's confirmation of course, but feel extremely confident the time is coming for our cats. Up until the 2019 election, never before had this issue ever been taken seriously, let alone had the firm commitment from any party to the extent it firmly became a manifesto commitment. Until this is written into law, it is not over, so we urge people to stand up for our cats that do not have a voice now. Let the politicians hear us loud and clear by getting involved and telling them what this means to you.

Thank you in advance from the CatsMatter team and Oliva on behalf of Dart.


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