Justice for Ginger Dolly

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In July 2021, 2 year old Ginger Dolly was brutally killed in a horrific hit and run incident, and left for dead outside his house by the driver. The horrific incident was caught on CCTV, showing the driver of a Dark Blue Toyota Prius speeding around the bend.

The family and neighbours, who he would always visit, are heartbroken. He was such a special cat who was so loving and very friendly to everyone on the road, and he deserved much better. He had his whole life ahead of him that was robbed within seconds.

They are so angry and fed up of people taking advantage of using their road as a race track, and want to do something about their road to prevent irresponsible drivers from speeding and driving dangerously, recklessly and negligently, ultimately causing unnecessary death to vulnerable cats and other animals, and posing a great danger to human beings too.

Jyoti feels devastated that Ginger Dolly couldn't be saved, but will not rest until justice is served and the road is safe. He was not just a cat to them, he was their family and friend. He was also best friends with Timmy, who he used to chase. Although they sometimes had a love/hate relationship, Timmy was found next to Ginger Dolly roadside and has been struggling with his grief ever since.

Jyoti has been in touch with local councillors, and intends to send the CCTV footage of the speeding and reckless driver to the police. Please do add your signature so as, not only will it aid the visible public support for a law change overall, it can also be presented to the local council in hope speed restrictive measures can be considered on their road to help prevent further incidents and needless loss.

Although the law has yet to change, which unfortunately ties the hands of the police, they are able to prosecute driving offences. For those who do catch incidents on CCTV, you can now upload phone, CCTV or dash cam footage of speeding drivers, as well as other driving offences, to the National Dash Cam Safety Portal (NDSP) HERE. The footage will be sent directly to your local police force.

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