Grace's Story

On Halloween, the Jones family brood were getting ready to have their meals as Beverley opened the back door to call everyone in. Beverley had a surveyor in so she left the door open and called everyone in and set out the food. Whilst they ate, she left the door open for the carheb (the undecided in Welsh) and sat down for a cup of tea waiting for them all to come in and finish up the food.

All of a sudden, a really loud band went off rocking the household. As Beverley went to investigate, the door mat had moved and none of the animals were to be seen. After realising the bang was a firework, she got to work trying to locate everyone. All of them reappeared except for Grace.

Grace was a timid little girl. Beverley's only girl in a house full of boys. Gracie and her brother Iolo (pictured) were initially from the street as kittens, and Beverley raised them, tamed them, and loved them. Her brothers have been looking for her through the window and now Iolo has no one to play with.

When Beverley couldn't find Grace, she thought she would return so kept the window open and left the light on. Later, not being able to sleep, she went out to call for her shaking the biscuit box...still no Gracie. Beverley decided to start putting notes through her neighbours doors for them to check in their gardens for Grace. First though, she'd called next door to check the garden and that's where Grace was found. It soon all made sense and Beverley is haunted by the terror she feels would have been in Grace's mind as she fled along her usual daily route that she had used hundreds of times in to next-door garden. On seeing Grace lay there, Beverley screamed until her throat was raw, and she said her goodbyes to her little girl.

Beverley then took Grace to the vet. It turned out, in the chaos and panic of the firework going off, little Grace sustained a bleed on the brain after smashing her head in to the concrete step. A step she had walked over a thousand times before, yet it literally knocked the life out of her due to 1 single firework going off at close range terrifying her and her brothers.

Beverley is aiming to turn this senseless loss of precious life in to a proactive fight to have fireworks banned, and is determined to fight so Grace did not pass in vain. She is now working with fellow petitioners and campaigners to make a difference and see change come in, and will be doing work in her country of Wales campaigning to the Welsh Assembly.

There is currently a government petition available to sign. However this is only open until Parliament is dissolved tomorrow (6th Nov) for the upcoming election. The good news is, the petition will be considered for debate on Parliaments return. We urge people to get their signatures added before it closes and show support for this campaign.

You can also show your support via this Change petition

This Change petition is being ran by the campaign group FAB Anti Random Firework whom we wholeheartedly support.

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