Nylah's Story

When Sara's cat fell pregnant a little over a year ago, she stayed with her while she gave birth. Sara was with the kittens when they arrived in to the world yet 1 in particular seemed to be different. Nylah used to follow Sara round the house, and meow if she couldn't seen her. When she did see Sara, she would run and hide in carrier bags ready for a game of hide and seek. Nylah would even follow Sara when she was in the bath. Although there was this one time she slipped in by accident.... which wasn’t very fun!

On Friday 12.9.2019, a local taxi driver hit Nylah and left her wriggling in the road. He instantly sped off, leaving people in the car behind and those walking past to help and rush her to a vets.

Nylah had 7 breaks to her pelvis and vets said she had been paralysed on impact. One side of her head had been hit leaving her unable to even blink her eye, as well as blood coming from her ears. Sara was told surgery wouldn’t hold any guarantees, it’s was 50/50. It was expected that Nylah wouldn’t be able to walk ever again, and she also wouldn’t be able to use the toilet normally. She was so badly injured, Sara had to make the hardest decision to put her to sleep, leaving her and her children heartbroken and lost without their beloved family pet who they had brought up since birth.

Sarah felt what happened (rightly) was so unfair. She just wants justice Nylah, who had her whole life ahead of her. Nylah's death, in such a way, has caused huge distress in the family and has touched so many people’s hearts who came to her rescue to help. Sara wants something to be done about this as it isn’t right drivers can hit family pets and be able to drive off and leave them to die and suffer! Something we, of course, wholeheartedly agree with. Even having the decency to stop and help would of been something Sara feels! Sarah has lost Nylah who meant the world to them. She was part of the family but has sadly been ripped from them and caused so much distress.

Sara and family miss her very much and memories are still bittersweet at the moment. Sara was eating a bag of crisps the other night and waiting for Nylah to come running up to her. But she didn't.....Nylah would always come running when Sara had a bag of crisps, any flavour, and would sit and share them with her.

In Sara's fight for justice she has created a petition. Please do click here to show your support for the family and Nylah.

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