Patch & Pickles

Patch lived with Vanessa and Pickles. At first, Vanessa didn't want to let them out because she was so worried that she wouldn't be able to protect them but, like most owners, came to understand that they are roamers.

Pickles doesn't roam free as such as he is deaf, but he does explore the garden on a really long lead. Patch could not wait to get out to explore, he loved to climb.

Patch was a cuddly cat but on his terms. He would pick being out and exploring over cuddling but when he was happy to, he would cuddle up with Vanessa and Pickles. He would also let Pickles wash him while he sat on Vanessa's lap.

Vanessa always knew where Patch would be hiding out when it was time to call him in. She would stand at the back of the garden on a bin shaking the Dreamies over the fence calling "Patchy". Once he heard those Dreamies he was out from under the fence of another garden, always the same garden. That was his hide out, he never went towards the front of the house and front garden by the main road.

One day, Patch returned home unable to walk properly. He was so brave and managed to get himself home, even though he had injuries in line with being hit by a car.Vanessa rushed him to the vets and the next day they x-rayed him. Turned out, Patch had nerve damage to one leg, a fracture to the other leg, as well as a fractured pelvis. He was unable to stand, get comfortable or generally move. He could not go to the toilet due to his pelvic injuries, which would have then caused major kidney issues. It broke Vanessa's heart to see him in such pain.

Vanessa wanted to start a government petition in Patch's memory but there was already a similar petition on there.

Patch's Petition would read;

''I was a pet; my family loved me. We are roamers & explore our surroundings, this does not mean that we deserve to be hit (& left) by motorists. Please stop & report it. Most of us are chipped or have a number & address on our collars. The police can tell my owners if you can't.''

Vanessa would like all to sign in memory of Patch, as well as the many other souls sadly lost to the road.

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