Tails of Tony

A ginger cat used to hang around the neighbourhood with his friend, a black and white a cat. One couple took to them, and would give them treats when they appeared at their door. They decided to name them Suzie and Tony. Tony after Toni Braxton. They always looked well groomed and well fed, so Rian and Ben assumed they must be owned. They were due to move house in the coming months, and planned to leave them in the area with their owners. However, one day Tony just appeared on the doorstep dripping in blood. They asked neighbours who he belonged to, and that's when Tony's true story became clear....

Rian frantically knocked on neighbours to ask who he belonged to as he was badly injured, and that's when they said Tony was a known stray who chose to hang around the neighbourhood. Everyone knew and would feed him. He had been hit by a car yet the driver didn't stop, and no one thought to help him. Some neighbours said they'd seen him hobbling around the area, so it begs the question, how long was he suffering out there alone for? Thankfully, Rian did care and got him help straight away.

Tony was hit sometime in February and, come March, a failed operation meant he would have to have his leg amputated. After his operation, Rian and Ben decided to make him officially theirs and took him home, Rian even taking time off work to look after him, and Tony would just lay in his arms cuddling like a little baby.

Tony was recently sent some gifts from @ecoplayuk, which he loves. So much so, he's been getting his bunny kick back up to scratch with just 1 back leg, and seems to be mastering it very well considering. Sometimes he looses his balance when lost in the moment from having his ear scratched. Apart from that, he seems to be coping very well and his amputation doesn't seem to bother him at all. He is now an indoor cat who only ventures to the garden but is certainly loved, spoilt and has a great life. Much better than the lonely homeless existence he had before his accident.

Rian shares a beautiful quote on Tony's Instagram which is just everything <3 He says ''Since he came home to me officially in March he has given me so much love I have a bond with this beautiful boy that I never thought was possible between a human and a cat, his funny nature and human like attitude brightens my days on the darkest of times. I want to share with people our bond and his weird and wacky ways. I may have gave him a second chance but he has helped me more than he will ever know...I will forever be indebted to Tony ❤️''

Tony is an inspiration, as are his guardian angels who gave him a chance when others didn't. We hope Tony's story inspires people, and is a voice for amputee's proving they can lead a perfectly normal life after their accidents, as well as encourages people to help a cat they see needing help - you might just be their last hope. Please do follow Tony's recovery on his Instagram page, just click on the pic below:

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