Sleeping with the Angels

A little over a year ago, Maggie was advertised as 'free to good home' on Gumtree in the Bolton area of Manchester. Feared she would be obtained for dog fighting live bait, they tried to get her in to a local rescue. However, all rescues were unable to help, so Lisa knew she had to intervene....

On the 1/8/19 Maggie was tragically struck by a car right outside her house. The driver did not stop!

Lisa now wants to see a change in the law so drivers MUST stop if they hit a cat. She has also set up a facebook page in her 20 year old rescue cat Beauty's memory where lost/stolen/missing/found cats can be shared in hope of being reunited with their owners.

Please do support Lisa and support Maggie's legacy via the following links;

Beauty's Legacy lost/found/missing/stolen animals

Maggies facebook page: Maggie Smith Gumtree Girl

Maggies Law petition

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