Smokey's story

Smokey was the first pet for the Akkocak family, but as firmly a member of the family and not 'just a pet'. Adored by Sarah, her husband and their two children, Smokey was only 18 months old but acted more like an old wise dog than a young cat! He always accompanied Sarah and the kids on the school run checking they got to school OK, and he became pretty popular at the school as well! All the other school kids would shout his name, and he would randomly turn up at break times to see everyone as well. He was also known for trying to sneak in to the building as well! The kids loved him. Non more than Sarah's 5 year old son and 7 year old daughter. Sarah's daughter is slightly anxious but Smokey would sleep with her to make sure she was OK, and she was with him around looking after her.

When Smokey first started going outside, the family would take him on a harness while he got used to his surroundings and, as you can from the photos, he loved it! He was one of those free spirits who loved his outdoor exploring. Smokey loved going outside and would wake them up with some face licking and would soon start knocking things off the shelves chirping as a way of letting them know he was ready for his daily explore and he wanted to go outside. Smokey was a cat who's freedom simply couldn't be denied, and he was a very happy cat.

Smokey wasn't always busy and on the go, he was also the cuddliest cosiest little fella who loved some cuddles and down time with his family. On the one hand Smokey was the star of the show with loads of friends he'd visit at the school, on the other he was great with the family and enjoyed his family time.

Just a few weeks back, Smokey went out for his morning stroll when he was hit by a car and left. A neighbour found him on the pavement. This neighbour took him to the vets who confirmed he had been hit by a car and had suffered head trauma. The neighbour did not see or hear anything, and sadly the family have no answers as to what exactly happened. They are tortured with the questions so many of us have when drivers hit and leave our cats.

Smokey's family are deeply pining for him, and Sarah's son and daughter are asking about him all the time trying to make sense of where he's gone in their young minds. Her daughter is coming to terms with the loss of Smokey by creating a memorial for him in her room. She's been drawing photo's of him at school as well, and no doubt all her class friends are missing his visits as well.

Smokey has now been laid to rest in his garden as the family try and come to terms with what's happened. He was not 'just a pet' a pet to them, he was an integral part of their family who was a great support and good friend to the kids. Smokey will always be remembered and his loss will be felt for many years to come.

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