On Thursday 14th March 19, a driver in an Enterprise Rental car deliberately and callously mowed down Daisy. Daisy's family were out searching for her and, when she remained missing all Friday, they turned to their CCTV footage to see if any clues were on there. That's when they discovered a driver intentionally hit her, and left her by the roadside. The family witnessed the crushing final moments of Daisy's life as she crawled to the curb with a crushed back end. For half an hour she lay crippled rolling round in excruciating pain before mustering up the energy to crawl down some steps towards her garden. She crawled in the steps preparing to take her final breathes. This unimaginable heartbreak was witnessed by her family after being caught on film! When the family finally discovered what had happened, where she was, and found her, it was too late.

The family hold her to say goodbye.

The family have tracked down the car which is an Enterprise rental car. The car was occupied by 2 people who were going to collect another rental car which was later seen following this car back out the road. No one stopped to help Daisy as she lay rolling round fighting for her life. Enterprise Pontypridd claim the car was being used for a 3rd party cleaning company but evidence on their review section point to this is not accurate. The family have been told the culprit has come forward and been handed to the police who are investigating. Incident number: 1900093800

This driver is seen driving on the wrong side of the road. A clear intentional act caught on camera where the driver speeds up to collide with a stationary bright white cat. With no objects between the cat and car for some time, the clear intention by the driver is caught on camera.

A clear criminal act has been caught on CCTV, and we intend to help the family press the police and RSPCA to prosecute the driver under a number of different animal welfare and driving offences. The result of what happens in Daisy's case will not just be some justice for her and her family, it will send a clear signal to the drivers out there who think this is acceptable in our society.

Daisy has been ripped from her family in the most vile and heart breaking way. Many drivers get away with this, but this driver has been caught red handed on CCTV, and should be punished. Enterprise Pontypridd , RSPCA Cymru and especially the police need to take action now.

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