Some Drivers feel the Loss of a Cat as Much as Owners Do

Ali was almost home. She lives in a little village with a single track road, and she always drives extra cautious and slow as there's usually dogs, chickens or even large farm machinery just around the corner. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a cat shot out and flew straight under Ali's car! In shock, and devastated, she instantly stopped the car and ran to him. As she picked him up and cuddled him, he died in her arms. There was no blood, just a major bump to his head. Distraught, she carried him to some nearby barn conversions, and just broke down sobbing holding him! Someone in a neighbouring garden heard her crying, and came over to see what had happened. Fortunately, they instantly recognised the cat, and pointed Ali in that direction to inform the owners. Ali knew she had a very important responsibility to do now and, having lost a cat herself to the road, she understood how important her next move would be. Some time previously, Mozart was playing outside when Ali heard a strange sound from inside. This car noise didn't sound right at all, so she went out to see what had happened. Tragically, that's when she realised what the strange sound was, and noticed her baby in the road. Still clinging the cat she had just hit tight in her arms, Ali made her way to his home. A lady answered the door. Ali instantly broke down again, so much so the owner of the cat was genuinely concerned for her wellbeing. The owner was understandably upset herself, and handed Ali a box with a towel to put him in. She was to upset to hold him herself but said her husband would bury him, and give him a nice send off when he was home from work later on. She very much appreciated Ali taking responsibility, and taking measures to locate her and let her know what had happened. The owner said that her cat enjoyed hunting in the countryside being free, and could accept what had happened as a genuine tragic accident, and she appreciated what Ali did stopping to comfort him, and inform her. Although this was a genuine tragic accident, and the owner forgave Ali. She was evidently extremely distraught that this had happened, the owner was very concerned about her. So much so, the owner sent Ali some flowers the next day to check she was ok. This, and the many other very similar stories we hear of, proves owners simply just want to know, and understand what has happened, so as they can have that much needed closure.

This is now in the past for Ali, although we are sure it will stay with her forever.

She now lives with her stunning rescue cat Frosty (see pic), and Whispa the dog, who love playing together. Although we think Ali is amazing for what she did, she finds it hard to understand how any one wouldn't stop to do what ever they could, as accidents happen but neglect is unforgivable. We agree, but sadly drivers like Ali are few and far between. Ali urges any one who hits a cat to stop and try and help them, and if possible take the cat to a vet so that the owner can be traced. Whatever the outcome, not knowing the fate of a beloved pet is far worse.

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