'I Ran Over a Cat - and Here's What Happened...'

Last month, Emma and her dad were driving down a residential street which a cat bolted out from behind a car in front of them. It was so quick, there was no time to avoid a collision. Emma's dad instantly stopped the car as Emma ran out to check on the cat, who was laying in the middle of the road. She knew instantly there no hope, so Emma picked her up, and cradled her on the side of the road as she slipped away from this world. Emma comforted her for what felt like hours, but was really only a minute at most.

After the cat took her last breath, Emma knew her work was not yet done. After knocking on doors, they found the cat's home thanks to the help of some neighbours, but unfortunately they were out so she left her details with a neighbour. Later than evening, Emma's phone rang... it was the owner. Emma spoke with her openly about the accident, answering all her questions and assuring her she was not alone in her final moments. The owner very much appreciated Emma for doing the right thing and stopping, and also, for taking the time to notify her of the incident and offering an explanation and closure. They even had a nice chat about the cat's life and personality, which Emma continues to hold dear to this day.

Emma has a cat of her own, so there was no way she could ever leave a cat alone in the road to suffer. She says if it had been her cat who was tragically hit, she would be more upset had she been left there alone. She had to let the owner know, because she would want someone to notify her if it was the other way around. Emma's cat, Peaches, is like a child to her, just like the cat she hit that day was family to her owner. Peaches is best friends with Emma's daughter, and her favourite thing to do is lay next to her watching her colour in her drawings. They are very close, and Emma knows how special cats are to their families, and that they deserve to be helped, or at the very least comforted at the end, plus that owners deserve to be notified.

Emma's message to fellow drivers is that speed limits are there for a reason, follow them and if you do hit a cat, please stop, after all that is someone’s loved one, better for them to know, than to be left wondering what could have happened.

Well done Emma.

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