Thor's Story

I lost my cat Thor to the road. I was incredibly grateful as the man stopped and knocked on a few doors until he found the owner, me.

There was nothing he could have done. It wasn't his fault and through tears I told him that. What I am incredibly grateful for is that he stopped, it was night and if I or worse the children would have wandered out in the morning and found him it would have made a desperately sad situation even worse. This also gave me an opportunity to do what I needed, he was killed instantly but it gave me the chance to wrap him in a blanket (I needed to make him comfortable) and cuddle him to say goodbye.

I still cry regularly but this gentleman's kind act makes it just about bearable.

Thomas (his rabbit friend) was seven and he died 3 days before Thor. We think he needed his friend with him and that's why Thor had to go. I believe in the rainbow bridge..I have to because I can't bear the thought of not seeing him again. I still cry a lot, I am now, even nearly a year later.

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