Turnip's Story - Another Victim of a Hit and Run

The very beautiful and loved Turnip was found already deceased by a dog walker on Sunday the 2nd of July in London.

He was abandoned by his previous family and had been adopted by Alex and Suraiya Chaudhry through the RSPCA 6 months before his untimely end.

Even though they only had him in their lived for 6 month, the family are beside themselves with grief. He had a profound effect on their lives and will be greatly missed. Loved by all, even those who usually took a dislike to cats, he was undoubtedly a very special boy and was take too soon from his very loving family.

When the dog walked who found him contacted the Barnet Council they said they could not collect him as it was a Sunday so he would have to just be left there. Compassionately, the dog walker took it upon herself to call the RSPCA (the same branch he was adopted through) who came and scanned his microchip and later notified the owners, who are forever grateful to this anonymous, kind soul.

Turnip was not even yet two and was the most gentle cuddly cat and certainly did not deserve to be left on the road like he was nothing. His family is beyond consolation and really struggling to come to terms with his untimely end but still feel 'lucky' in that they were at least one of the few who find out the fate of their cat in the end.

Suraiya Chaudhry has this very important message to share:

'If you think you've hit an animal, please please get out of your car and see if they are ok/ call the RSPCA, a few minutes could save a family a life of wondering and grief, and save an animal from a lonely and painful death.'

RIP Turnip - we know just how loved and missed you are and will forever be.

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