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Give Animals a BRAKE Campaign ~ Bridging Rainbows

Bridging Rainbows are a mother (geo-scientist) -daughter (nutritionist) team that have made it their mission tend to hundreds of stray animals in the city of Baroda, Gujarat in India, including daily feeding, sterilisation, vaccination against rabies, and their lifelong medical needs, for the past 17 years. They have been able to touch more than a couple of thousands of canine lives on the streets who have been, and are being cared for, for their entire lifetime. Everything is done out of the family’s hard-earned money, utilising their efforts, time and emotions. Over many years, at different points of time, rescued dogs (all sterilised and vaccinated against rabies), senior, blind, hospice, handicapped, as permanent members of the family.

Bridging Rainbows have now started the ‘Give Animals A Brake’ campaign, which is a global traffic awareness campaign consisting of things such as an online petition. This is all aimed at reducing animal road accidents and mishaps through compassion, sensitization, awareness and action.

Other than looking after animals on the roads and having rescued dogs at home as permanent members, the mother and daughter duo are also on a mission to normalise talking about grief of losing an animal companion in India, as well as to make roads safer for animals worldwide. Their struggle, and that of scores of animals, is what drove them to make the two initiatives; Bridging Rainbows and Give animals a BRAKE. The landscape is changing, one step at a time, and they are holding support group meetings fortnightly to encourage people to open up about the most disfranchised type of grief and for them to know they are not alone. You can find out more about the virtual meetings, and find out how to take part if you wish, HERE.

If you would like to follow and support Bridging Rainbows on social media, you can do so on the following links;


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