Introducing #CatsMatter- Why We Do It & Our Mission

Why We Do it

We want to give cats the voice they don’t have! They may not be able to verbalise their wants, needs and pain – but we can! And the more of you who join our fight and get behind us – the louder that voice becomes!

Eventually it becomes a scream which gets harder and harder to ignore!

Since our own cats have fell victim to the road and we have personally endured the aftermath, we fully understand the pain and torture other victim’s parents go through. The feeling of loss, hurt and anger. Anger that someone could treat a very special family member in such a horrendous manner leaving them by the roadside scared, alone and in pain.

Animals have been proven in scientific studies to feel all the indicators of pain that humans do. Only difference being is animals are not able to verbalise it in a dialect humans are able to understand. This difference seems to justify in some’s mind the conclusion that a cats pain is irrelevant if at all real. We don’t need any scientist to tell us what we already know – if you’ve ever accidently stood on your cats tail as they hover under your feet at dinner time, you’ve heard a yelp of pain. This would suggest a two-ton piece of steel and glass hitting them at 60mph would hurt!

The immoral behaviour of some drivers and the injustice of a law system which allows people to treat a living animal in this way fills us with anger and sadness.

Why should we allow this?

Who else is going to speak for our cats and get some justice if we don’t?

That’s why we do what we do!

We may not be able to bring back or help Snowy and Henry now but we can sure do all we can to try and change the same fate happening to the thousands of other cats around the UK.

Our Mission

We firmly believe that every single cat should have a chance at survival! In most cases, hit and run collisions do not instantly kill the animal. Had the driver stopped and made efforts to seek help, the chances of survival would be greatly higher. We strive to ensure each cat is given the best chance and that the owners are treated with the respect they deserve.

Through our campaign work we want to target morally bankrupt drivers and try to change their mindset. We want to appeal to all drivers to adopt an approach where they stop their vehicle to assist the animal they have hit. We also strive for an aftermath where an owner is located and notified.

Accompanying the lack of laws requiring drivers to stop and assist a cat whom they have collided with is also no requirement for authorities to notify the owner once the animal has been collected from the roadside – regardless of the lengths we go to to ensure we are reunited should the worst ever happen, such as microchipping our pets. Same applies for dogs even though they now have the luxury of having to be microchipped by law.

Our mission is to challenge the authorities undervalued attitude towards cats in any and all ways we can until we succeed in getting change. We ultimately want a change in status so it becomes illegal to leave the scene of a collision with a cat and we also want it to be mandatory that local authorities scan all domestic pets found and seek to locate and notify the owner.

Whilst battling to change laws, we also want to raise awareness and hopefully change drivers attitudes of it ‘just being a cat’. The donations we raise will help us achieve getting the word out throughout the UK in the form of advertisements and promotional work. We have so many ideas which we hope to bring to life as we grow and share with you along the way!

This campaign is all of ours speaking up for all of our cats both past, present and future!

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