Cat Safety in Cars – keeping your precious cargo safe from harm!

Cat safety in cars is as important as human safety, yet it is often overlooked. Cats are as vulnerable as children in cars as both are completely reliant on the driver prioritising their safety.

This article explains how to protect your cat’s life during car journeys and how to choose a carrier that protects them both physically and emotionally.

Cats at risk

I’m frequently alarmed at pictures/videos on social media of cats travelling freely in cars (standing on dashboards, laps, passenger seats and back seats looking out of windows). Not only does this pose a massive risk of you losing your cat when a door opens, it also puts them in huge danger should you have an accident (even a minor bump!)

In addition, an unsecured cat carrier in a car is a huge risk (to cat and owner). We all know the risks of going through a windscreen if we don’t wear seatbelts, right?

Travelling kindly

Most cats are subject to at least one car journey a year (to the vets for their annual vaccination) but others will endure many more journeys for various reasons. Travelling in a car is not a ‘normal’ experience for a cat and is often perceived as stressful and/or frightening. As owners, it is our responsibility to make these unavoidable journeys as safe and as stress-free as possible.

There are 3 ways to achieve this:

1. Invest in a good quality cat carrier (discussed in the next section of this article)

2. Remove the fear that your cat associates with the carrier – learn how to do this by reading this article by More Purrs How to help your cat feel less stressed in their carrier

3. Never travel without a carrier. Even the calmest and most confident cats can scare easily and choose the ‘flight’ response to fear/panic. Cats who are frightened and fleeing a situation are more likely to get run over and, if away fr