CatsMatter are Feline Good About the Welsh Assembly Next Week

CatsMatter founders Mandy Lowe and Tiya Ivy will be paying a visit to Cardiff’s Feline Good Cat Café on 10th October, before attending a meeting at the Welsh Assembly to deliver a very poignant petition calling for mandatory scanning of all domestic pets by Welsh councils.

It's a matter close to the hearts of CatsMatter supporters and we hope this will be another step towards getting justice and closure for owners who've tragically lost pets in road accidents.

Many Welsh councils do not scan pets at all. The ones that claim to, admit they will only scan the animal if it is in a certain state. CatsMatter believes major injury should deter councils from making the moral decision of scanning pets and informing its owners. Discovering animals that have been run over is indeed very distressing, but not as upsetting for the owners, who will never be able to properly grieve for their lost pet.

Somebody with hands-on experience of dealing with the heartbreak of cat hit-and-run accidents is Feline Good Cat Café owner Hollie Bowler-Brown. She has personal experience of acting as an 'ambulance' service for cats who have been ran over and left for dead. The CatsMatter campaign is one very close to her heart and next week, she will be welcoming its founders for cuddles with her café's purrfect residents!

Feline Good puts the welfare of its cats first and aims to provide homes for cats that have found themselves homeless. It's a comfortable and stimulating environment for their cat colony and CatsMatter will be live on the day from around 11am on 10th October, so remember to tune in to CatsMatter on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook for the live updates.


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