From Chaki City to LPC Grad - Book Review

Where on earth is Chaki City and what in the world is LPC Grad!!?

All is revealed in this tale of two very different clans of cats, who were left to their own devices after their human masters deserted them in the wake of a deadly virus.

Whilst life was wonderful for the Cattishtanis thanks to all their TV kibbles commercials, it was quite the opposite for the Little Poor Cats, who seemed condemned to a life of misery.

That was until a twist of fate, along with a little help from the mysterious Fishing Cat, would change their lives forever and give them the chance to found their own country.

Join in the thrills and spills as LPCs and Cattishtanis battle it out in ten wacky adventures to get their paws on the biggest prize of all - the TV kibbles contract!

"This book is a tale of what we all already knew - Cats rule. What we didn't know about prior to reading the book is the gripping story of the ups and downs of life in Cattishtan told through the different perspectives of the feline residents.

After first being introduced to Max and his country of the have and have nots, the ruling class fat with treats and being waited on to their every whim, we are introduced to the LPCs - the not so lucky cats who have to fight for food, survival and attention.

As the story unfolds, we find out what happens when cats are left alone to battle it out for superiority, life and of course... the good food.

The book is a perfect mix of childish imagination and powerful allegory; a delightful, witty, charming and story for children whilst highlighting a tale of surviving secret police, robocats, double agents, checkpoints and authoritarianism for adults.

If you've ever wondered what a country of cats looks like (complete with the 9 lives bar and national bauble chasing among the brilliant imagery!) then let the residents of Cattishtan enlighten you.... !"

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