Eric wasn't 'just a cat', he was a best friend!

Eric came in to Amie's life at at 6 months old. He had been listed as 'free' on gumtree and Amie couldn't risk him falling into the wrong hands.

Amie remembers his first day home, he was so curious and nervous but he soon warmed to her. It was just Amie & Eric for 6 months, and he comforted her as she was having a hard time herself. Every night Eric would be there and sleep on her chest until she fell asleep. Then he'd sleep on Amie's pillow until the morning. He was the light in the darkness and Amie feels she'll always owe so much to him.

Amie later met her partner and they moved 4 hours away together. Eric just accepted things and, as long as Amie was happy, he was too. Amie and her partner took 2 temporary cats in and Eric accepted and loved them both. The couple then got a dog and again Eric accepted it and was happy. He was just such an easy cat to please and, no matter what, he would always sleep either by Amie's feet or on her pillow every night without fail. Amie never saw him as a 'cat', more like a best friend. They would nap together, watch TV together....

Amie will always remember when he'd strut into a room. She knew he just wanted a cuddle and would lay on her chest for hours purring away making bread. He LOVED yogurt pots and would climb up and stick his nose in your yogurt whether he knew you or not. Eric also loved his cat stick treats and his blankets. He also loved tuna pancakes, which he'd get every year for his birthday. He was a happy cat with a heart of gold.

However, there was one thing Eric wasn't particularly a fan of.....

Ollie the dog used to sniff Eric's butt every time he'd walk past. Eric would trot along like he was better than Ollie making Amie laugh every time. Eric did love Ollie though, and they would both cuddle up at the end of the bed together.

Eric would always greet Amie at the door and meow and, if she bought a blanket, he knew instantly it was secretly for him. The day before he passed away, Amie bought teddy bear fluffy bedding and he was in LOVE with it, he slept on it for 14 hours straight.

When the Dann family realised he was missing, every one told Amie ''he'd be back'' but she felt she knew that he would't be. He was back every night to sleep on her bed without fail, she just knew something was wrong in her heart. She knew him more than anyone else. He was the best boy who deserved the world and more.

Tragically, Eric was hit by a car and left in the road for 2 whole days before the family found him. They later found out that 4 people had watched it happen and said or did absolutely nothing. Understandably, Amie and the family were extremely hurt, upset and angry upon learning that, and it is why it's so important to share Eric's story and have his memory live on because he deserved much better, all cats and their families do.

Eric's bed was left in the spare room and, a few days after they found Eric, they opened the door and Ollie the dog went straight to Eric's bed and curled up in it and started whining. Ollie misses his brother, and that reflects how much impact he had on all the families lives. Eric really was a big part of the family.

Later on, Amie had disgusting messages from people (wrongly) saying that, if she loved her cat, she wouldn't have let him out. Amie began questioning this but she also remembered him being so much healthier and happier being out doors, and what a big difference it made to his happiness. Amie now (rightly) doesn't regret letting him out or blames herself, she just hates that these things happen and poor innocent pets are the victims.

The family now have a sun-catcher with his name on and a canvas. His ashes sit on the window sill with a photo and plants in his food bowl. Amie wears his ashes around her neck every day to keep him close to her where he belongs.

The family want his memory to live on and for people to know what they know, how amazing he was. He wasn't 'just a cat', he was a big part of the family who will never ever be forgotten. His memory will also forever live on via the CatsMatter site as, it just so happens, Amie is a graphic designer who has created a brand new car sticker for our site as well as limited edition T shirts. The hope is to help raise awareness and funds to help stop this happening to other cats and their families. Amie has worked so hard to create such wonderful images for the products, and has helped distribute flyers and raise funds for the CatsMatter campaign, to which we will always remain very grateful.

To view the new car window sticker and T shirt, just click on the below images. Please note, the T shirt is limited edition and will only be available for a short period.

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