Princess Narla's story

On the 2nd February 2016, Narla was hit by a car and left in the road....

Narla was rescued, along with her brother, from a family where the husband was going to shoot them if they were not rehomed within the week. He didn't want them as 'he didn't like the smell of cat poo'.

The siblings didn't have names, they were just known as ''the grey one'' and ''the white one''. Their owners had no idea of their ages and they were not snipped and were covered in fleas.

To whoever took them, they would come complete with food.....a 99p box of dried Go Cat!

In fear for their lives, Louise soon got to work getting these 2 siblings to safety. After a vet visit, they were aged at about 4-5 months old. They were flea treated, snipped, jabbed, wormed, and named Narla and Simba. Simba went to live with a good friend of Louise's which was a safe loving home. Louise kept princess Narla.

Louise is a big cat lover and has, on numerous occasions, gave a good home to road traffic accident survivors, such as Declan and Beauty Olive.

Louise has also lost a cat to the roads, little Dino's.

When Dino's was on his way to the vets to be neutered, Louise spotted a cat in the road which had tragically been hit and left in the road. She was (rightly) angered by people, including parents on the school run, looking at the cat in the gutter, rolling their noses up and quickly scurrying away. Louise was in a rush to get Dino's to the vets on time during the rush hours traffic but there's no way she could just go by like the rest. She's better than that.

Vets located a microchip on the RTA victim, and he was reunited with his owners so as they had closure and could lay him to rest at home.

In a cruel twist of fate, Dino's was later to be hit on the same road, and also left. Someone did contact Louise about a cat they found that had been ran over, enquiring if she could go to the site and have him scanned for a microchip.

As she got there, she saw it was her Dino's! :-(

Narla was around 2 years old when she was killed on 2nd Feb 2016. Louise was on her way to work when she got a phone call from a neighbour saying Narla had been hit and left in the road but the neighbour had found her.

After suffering horrific injuries, including a broken back, somehow Narla had clung to live - she was alive! Louise shot back home and rushed her to the vets, where they had to warm her up because she had been left at the roadside in the freezing weather for some time. With such horrendous injuries, of which would of vastly affected her quality of life, Louise made the hardest decision a pet owner will ever have to make, and the selfless decision was made to let her go to sleep, warm, being loved and with dignity.

Narla loved sparkle things and if she got the chance would pick up bracelets and stare at them on her paws. The last time Louise saw her active, the day before she passed, she gifted her a dead rat and was happy with her fluffy tail in the air chirping! Louise says Narla was such a pretty little girl and, although Narla's fate was potentially already sealed at first impact, she wishes the driver had stopped so she didn't have to suffer as she did.

To mark Narla's 2 year anniversary, Louise wrote a beautiful poem in hope it reaches drivers who will think twice about leaving an animal in such a horrific and cruel way as Narla was, and of course baby Dino's.

Each year, Louise puts flowers at the spot where Narla was killed as a mark of respect and remembrance. Good neighbours have also previously laid flowers to show solidarity because they know that cats lives do matter. This year Louise will lay a copy of her poem at the site also to help raise awareness in Narla's memory.

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