Our Cat Astrid

You flounce around with a haughty air,

Chasing the birds with deadly flare.

Marching proudly through the house,

You're also adept at catching a mouse.

Soft grey and white fur, so glossy and fine,

I can't figure you out, but I'm still glad you're mine.

Seeing you hiding under the table,

To jump on the dog whenever you're able!

Purring softly like a well tuned car,

You'll then suddenly bite me and might leave a scar!

Then out of the blue, you jump up from the mat,

And stretch yourself out on my unsuspecting lap.

Although you can be cranky and hard to predict,

We all laugh at your antics and marvel at your quiet grace.

Without you in our lives, our house will never be the same place.

You were loved, beautiful girl

Its now a year since you went away.

I hope we will meet again,

At the rainbow bridge one day.

Beautifully written by Katie Lambert in loving memory of Astrid

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