Gizmo's Story

On New Years Eve 10 years ago, Gizmo arrived at his forever home with the Jackson family. He was the last of the litter and Jade couldn't work out why he hadn't already been snapped up. That's until he opened his little mouth and squawked like a crow! He soon settled in and grew such a strong bond with Jade's mum Tracy. Gizmo loved her dressing gown and fluffy blankets, and was generally a big snuggle bug cuddling anyone. His other best friend was the family dog Coco, who sadly passed away 2 months earlier. He was so pretty people often thought 'he' was a 'she', and he had some strange eating habits. His favourite was curry and cheese. He always had a strange thing for curry all his life.

The Jackson family almost lost Gizmo when he was 3 years old. He'd suffered an asthma attack and almost didn't pull through the night. Thankfully he did pull through in the end, and had been spoilt by the grateful family with plenty of catnip and toys ever since. One day in mid April when Gizmo ventured out to do his usual cat business, the country was firmly in lock down and the roads should have been free of most traffic. Tragically, one driver saw the quieter streets as an excuse to race through them not caring about anyone other than themselves, and tragically hit Gizmo before speeding off. A neighbour who Jade usually walks to the bus stop with rushed to alert the Jackson family, who quickly rushed to a scene no loving owner ever wants to witness. Thanks to Jade's friends quick actions, they did manage to reach Gizmo in time, and he was still alive. However, once they got him inside the house, he sadly passed away in Tracey's arms.

Although the family have 4 other cats, Gizmo was their special baby, especially Tracy. The family are hurting, and angry that the driver couldn't even be bothered to stop and help Gizmo. He wasn't 'just a cat', he was a very special and loved member of the Jackson household who will be sorely missed every day.

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