Pebbles will see Christmas Thanks to kind Hearted Jogger

Pebbles is a very happy chatty cat, especially at breakfast time when he wakes Hannah up! His main jobs around the house are being bathroom attendant, before falling asleep on the mat, and play fighting with his brother Smudge. He loved playing out with his brother, and usually Hannah had a good idea where he was, and didn't think he ventured far.

He didn’t come home at his usual time so Hannah had a wander out calling him with some Dreamies (his favourite). No sign of him!

When she got home she received a phone call every cat parent dreads! Thanks to his up to date microchip, the vets were able to contact Hannah to let her know they had Pebbles!

Vets explained that Pebbles had been hit by a car, but managed to get himself over to the grass verge out of further harms way. The car didn't stop! Thankfully, a jogger spotted him, and wrapped him up in her towel, and quickly got him down to the vets. The jogger took Pebbles to the most local vet who gave him pain relief. Then he had to be transferred to Fitzpatrick referrals - 39miles away, where he spent 3 days.

Naturally Hannah dashed down there but soon realised, after Pebbles bravery to get himself to the grass verge, and the quick kind hearted response from the jogger, he would make it through. Sadly he broke his femur in 4 places so had to have surgery straight away. Hannah is grateful she did the responsible thing, and had insurance for him too. She just wishes the driver had saved him, god knows how long, of unnecessary suffering and taken him straight to the vets.

Pebbles is now home but is on cage arrest so his wounds can heal as well as they can do. He has since been for a check up, and unfortunately the bone is not healing as fast as they'd like, so he's due to go back again in 4 weeks time for another check up. This unfortunately means he will be in cage rest still over Christmas and the New Year but Hannah understands it could of been much worse and is just very happy he will see Christmas full stop!

Pebbles hates his cage, sadly it's not to easy to explain to a cat why we have to do what we have to do sometimes for the benefit of their health. He often cries, and wants to be back out playing with his brother Smudge as soon as possible. It's not all doom and gloom for him though, he is allowed to have 5 short minutes out of the cage 5 times a day, to stretch his legs a little.

Hannah is moving very soon to a quiet little village, so she is hoping they will all be as far away from that road as possible. Until then, Pebbles will be resting over Christmas, and hopes to be out of his crate in the New Year.

Hannah wishes she knew who that jogger was, she really wants to thank them for helping her little man

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