Snowy's Story

May 12, 2017

Snowy, well it's a weird one. He came as a stray, we lived about a car garage in our first rented place, hated it, one night we found him covered in oil and I'll etc no microchip not neutered etc. So we took him in. 2 years down the line he just vanished out the blue, after asking all the neighbours and putting his picture about we were told he was down on the road, alive but messing down that way (maybe had a mouse or something) he never ventured that way, there were fields at the back - no reason to venture the other direction. From reports it was looking likely he was involved in a hit n run but we couldn't find him or his body anywhere so someone said try the council. I rang n they said they didn't keep any record or scanned them and they didn't know. I said surely they'd recognise him he was pure white and a massive cat! Not usual colourings or anything - still no idea, they said he's basically of been put in the lorry with the rest of the roadkill and rubbish and probably on the landfill by now....

Oscar's Story

May 12, 2017

Today i lost one of my cats named Oscar. We got him off the street as there was a pack of stray cats and he just seemed to be the one.

I didn't see it but my mum did she was hoovering her car and i was inside on my computer when i heard tyres screeching then my mum shouting me that Oscar had been run over i look out and see him lying there in the middle of the road.

He was killed on impact as the drivers front tyre caught his head  as he ran across the road his neck was broken and blood as coming out from his mouth i picked him up and put him to the side of the road and sat down next to him stroking him my mum came out with a whie towel and we rapped him in that and took him inside.

We laid him on the counter and let my other cat Smudge sniff him i cleaned the blood from his mouth and closed his eyes.

We allways bury our pets in the garden with my hamster and Smudges brother Sam who died 4 years ago i had to dig the hole for him which is the hardest thing i've ever had to do.

Im very upset about it as all my other pets have died of old age and never by somthing like this.

           R.I.P Oscar 18th July 1994 - 25th May 2007

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