Winning the fight for our capitols cats!

In early 2018, we began liaising with London Assembly member Sian Berry, and her team, on how best to progress our fight to have the cats of London scanned and returned to their owners if the worst sadly happened.

Sian Berry AM has always championed what we do and agreed to put forward a motion on our behalf urging the London Mayor to take action.

On June 7th, the London Assembly passed the motion unanimously. Both ourselves and Sian were over the moon every single Assembly Member agreed to put this through.

The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, had seen all we have previously done in terms of getting local councils to scan cats and notify the owners, and he initially felt there was nothing further he could do beyond what had already been achieved. We were determined to make clear exactly how the Mayor could help so we began collating FOI requests from all London borough councils. Rather than us being perceived to be guessing there were issues, when on the surface all seemed fine, we began backing up our claims with factual evidence. Of the detail ourselves and London Assembly members collected, we found that just 75 of 4193 cats were returned to their owners. Our research threw up the exact areas we stated there were issues, and now we could prove they were there and input how best to go about it.

A written question was later put to the Mayor, again by the wonderful Sian Berry AM who refused to let this go for us, and the specific information was put to the Mayor. This has now triggered a much better response second time around.

The London Mayor and the Deputy Mayor for Transport will be raising the issue with Local councils at the next opportunity, and he has pledged to explore the possibilities. We hope our 'best practice' piece will be considered in hope of turning the scanning system in London around.

Also, the Mayor has now stated that, although Transport for London (TFL) do try to scan animals found, this is not currently mandatory routine practice. That's why the Mayor has now ensured the introduction of all the new TFL contracts will include the scanning of ALL deceased animals collected from their network as a matter of routine practice.

TFL control London's network of principal road routes, various rail networks including the underground and overground system, as well as waterways throughout the capitol. The mayor states he understands how important it is owners are reunited with their cherished pets, and that this approach will increase the prospect of owners being reunited with them.

We are so pleased the London Mayor has taken these steps to ensure cats found on TFL property will be scanned and returned to the owners, and we are hopeful for a similar result with the local councils too.

The success of CatsMatter ensuring cats are reunited with owners in London is to be continued.....

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