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1 life lost...60 lives saved!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Ever since our cats were killed and left roadside in cold blood, we have strived to do all we possible can to save others, both cat and owner, from going through the same thing. We are constantly thinking of new ways we can improve on the current system, which goes far beyond changing laws and getting councils to scan!

Not only do we work with politicians, councillors, highways and waste staff, we work with numerous external companies with the sole aim of improving the situation as much as possible. Some of the projects we have worked on have seen the introduction of collision alerts on GPS collars so owners can get to cats as soon as possible, to becoming partners with companies and enabling supporters to get cut price cat proof fencing systems, and much more. Anything and everything which makes a difference, we aim to be there in the thick of it.

We do an immense amount of work with local councils all over the UK, and have already ensured huge change for cat owners - and we've not even touched the sides of what we aim to achieve yet. The system is so much more than getting councils to scan, even though the almost 60 we have got scanning is huge progress. We look forward to our meeting with DEFRA's policy officials next month where we aim to tackle storage, out of hours, and the many other pressing issues which contribute to owners not getting their cats back home where they belong. Amongst the many, there is 1 issue we intend to raise and that is the issue of disposal. We have pretty unique proposals to offer as well...

You may remember recently the breaking news of Gemini and her tragic bio-fuel horror. We were left knocked for six, and we are still being asked daily if it is true or fake news it's so unbelievable and hard for people to get their heads around! We wish it were fake news.

After speaking to the authorities involved in all 4 parts of the UK, and receiving the facts of such a process, we decided to look further in to the disposal guidelines. Maybe we could try and get the process took off the table, but ultimately cats would still meet the same undignified end. Getting councils to scan and return cats home appeared to be the best that could come of an awful situation, but it didn't stop us racking our brains if anything else could possibly be done. One idea did come to mind....

Tirelessly we raise awareness and try and educate people in hope cats never get hit in the first place, but inevitably accidents will always happen. PetPlan figures state 75% of cats survive the initial hit, and the majority of those can be saved if help is sought straight away. However, many will need emergency life saving surgery, with a lot depending on donors for tissue, blood, bone and so on.

When we heard that a donor centre were struggling to find cat donors, it seemed fate was suggesting our idea could work.

Fast forward a little, and talks with the donor bank has gone extremely promising. Like us, they just want to save as many animals lives as possible and it has been agreed that our proposals, as crazy as they first may sound, could actually work.

It was agreed that trials should first take place and, should all go as well as all involved believe they could do, it could potentially be rolled out across the UK!

We have been busy arranging trials where up to 3 councils will introduce this for a trial period. Ourselves, the donor bank and councils, will be looking at how it goes and how feasible it would be to make it a permanent option UK wide.

Tissue donation can only take place at the end of the cats life. A single cat donor can help as many as up to 60 other cats, plus owners have the option to receive their special pets ashes back once the necessary life saving tissue has been collected for donation. We will bring you a lot more detail on this, including the councils names (should they wish) who will be helping us turn this in to reality, in the near future. It is early days yet, but we are looking forward to the trials commencing and hopefully all going well.

We have briefly mentioned with some officials what we intend to raise at the upcoming DEFRA meeting, and we aim to speak further about including pet donation in the official guidance should trials work out.

We believe cats should be treated with dignity in death, and have always protested callous disposal methods when they sadly get hit by a car and left roadside for councils to collect like mere rubbish. We have, and always will, strive for better for our cats - starting with the drivers being made to stop, help and report it of course! We feel the life of one cat lost to the road, yet going on to save potentially 60 others more fortunate, is a wonderful and very special legacy. All we want to do is help RTA victims wherever we can, and this could potentially save thousands in such a short period.

We dedicate any future success of this to be part of Gemini's legacy. Had she never met such a gruesome end, and her owner Veronica speaking out like she bravely did, we never would of thought to look at the disposal guidelines.

RIP Gemini :-(

See below for some success stories....


Merlin made it following a life-saving bone graft from a donor cat placed in his body after being hit by a car.


Rusty, a search and rescue dog, suffered a fracture dislocation to his leg following his road accident - an injury that could have meant retirement. Usually, when a dog needs a bone and tissue graft it is taken from elsewhere in their body, which is not only complicated but painful. However, using a donor dog, a vet stripped the small joints of cartilage and put a plate and screws in to align Rusty's bones, which were then encouraged to fuse using the graft.


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