Although just a little under 10% of councils still do not have access to microchip scanners nationwide (which is another issue we work to rectify), we also note that many of the councils who possess scanners are not always using them.

It was with that in mind that we cr...


Before CatsMatter began campaigning, 14 councils in Scotland did not scan cats for microchips when they were tragically collected from the roadside. Now with the inclusion of another council last week, there are just 3 left to go.

Inverclyde council have listened to our...


This time last year we began officially campaigning for the compulsory microchip scanning of cats found by council waste teams. We collected data from every single council in the UK and, as you can see from the graph below, it was no easy feat.

Following the great succe...


On Tuesday the 10th of October, Mandy Lowe and Tiya Ivy of CatsMatter handed in a petition to Welsh Assembly, following a combined 18 hour journey to Cardiff and quick debrief at the wonderful Feline Good Cat Cafe, asking for mandatory scanning of all domestic pets fou...


Despite our best efforts, after the results were calculated following the closing of a previous petition in 2017 it was revealed that not only did Malvern Hills Council in Worcestershire not scan deceased pets found for microchips, but that they had no intentions to do...


CatsMatter founders Mandy Lowe and Tiya Ivy will be paying a visit to Cardiff’s Feline Good Cat Café on 10th October, before attending a meeting at the Welsh Assembly to deliver a very poignant petition calling for mandatory scanning of all domestic pets by Welsh counc...


Losing a treasured pet is an extremely distressful time for anyone. Cats are and always will be an important furry member of any family who owns one. Beth Davies, of Wigan, was devastated when her 5-year-old ginger tom Kelloggs was ran over and killed in a car accident...


CatsMatter have now officially teamed up with the wonderful team at PDSA, who are thrilled to help raise awareness of this campaign. PDSA have agreed to share CatsMatter campaign materials on their own media outlets, helping us reach an even larger audience. In additio...


The immoral behaviour of some drivers and the injustice of a law system which allows people to leave cats for dead is no longer acceptable.

“A member of our family bled out alone in the night.”

Tiya Ivy’s treasured cat Henry was killed by a car last week in Becket Road in Worthing and she is terrified the same could happen to a child.

Tiya, 34, who has lived with her husband Davy since they moved to Sussex f...

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