CatsMatter in the Press

            Oxford Mail 

DRIVERS who run over a cat will be forced to report it to police under a new law being considered in Parliament.

The Daily Mirror

'Family's heartbreak after binmen plucked their beloved dead cat from road and dumped him in landfill'

              Sky news

    The move aims to ensure our feline 

   friends have the same safeguards as 

    dogs and so fewer are left to die on 

                     the road.

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The Worthing Herald

'Safety demands after pet heartbreak pick up steam'

The Sun

     THUGS who run over cats and

leave them to die could be slapped

with fines and forced to help beloved

      owners get their pets back

BBC News

'Welsh council staff 'should check pets for microchips'

     Motorists who run over a cat would need to report it to police as campaigners 

     demand for a change in law at 


Pet Gazette

CatsMatter propose legislation to make cat RTAs a reportable offence

 Daily Post 

News & Star

Cat-rights campaigners welcome Animal Welfare Manifesto

       Malvern Hills District Council investing in 

       microchip readers in response to plea by 


Chichester Observer

'Missing dead pet scans set to begin'


Drivers who run over a cat with their car will have to report the incident to police under a new law being proposed in Parliament.

BBC Wales

'Hope' for rule change to check found pets for microchips'

  Your Cat

A campaign by Cats Matter has received the positive outcome that councils in Wales have agreed to scan all pets found by its workers.


'Animal lovers urge Government: give cats the same rights as dogs'

      Your Local Guardian

Councils agree to scan dead

    cats for microchips

       Malvern Observer

CatsMatter Co-Founder Hollie Ivy on  BBC Sussex


    We support CatsMatter in their call to make it 

 compulsory for councils to scan every cat killed on 

                the roads for a microchip. 

Your Cat Magazine

'Cat Campaign - Cats Matter!'


  Our friends over at Cats Matter have been kind enough to share some very useful information to 

  ensure the best steps are taken when a cat is

     involved in an accident on the road. 


Drivers Need to Start Thinking About Cats on Roads – and be Held Accountable When They Don’t


New laws could mean drivers face

massive fine for running over cats

BBC Radio Scotland


   World first for

Welsh pet owners

London Assembly

Assembly wants dead cat scans

Belfast Live 

Cat campaign to grant our furry friends

        the same rights as dogs

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